Special Services

Scroll down to find information about funerals and memorial services, Holy Baptism, and weddings and same-sex blessings.


A Christian marriage is a unique and special relationship, and your wedding day is a joyful and special occasion for us as well as for you.

St. Philip’s is happy to celebrate and solemnize the marriages of same-gender couples, using rites authorized by General Convention 2015, as approved by our Bishop and in accordance with Arizona law. For more information regarding what liturgical options are available for weddings in our church, please see this statement put forth by the Bishop.

For information regarding weddings at St. Philip’s, contact our Wedding Coordinator at (520) 299-6421, ext. 21, or e-mail.

Holy Baptism

Baptism is a holy sacrament, the initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into the Christian faith. Because of the nature of the promises made during Baptism, it is important that baptismal candidates (and/or their families) have a relationship with the St. Philip’s community and intend to continue to participate in the fullness of Christian life. (If we are asked to baptize a child who has a relationship with a community other than St. Philip’s, we require preparation to be undertaken by that community and will ask for written notification and consent from that community.)

Baptisms will take place at a public service on the following days:

  • The First Sunday after the Epiphany
  • The Great Vigil of Easter (evening service, adults only)
  • Easter Sunday (two morning services, indoors and outdoors)
  • The Day of Pentecost
  • The first Sunday in August
  • A Sunday close to All Saints’ Day
  • The Sunday after Christmas Day

For more information and to arrange for preparation for baptism, complete the Application for Baptism and then contact the office at (520) 299-6421, or E-mail the Office.


The liturgy for the dead is an Easter liturgy. It finds all its meaning in the Resurrection. Because Jesus was raised from the dead, we too, shall be raised. The liturgy, therefore, is characterized by joy, in the certainty that nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.  This joy, however, does not make human grief unchristian. So, while we rejoice that one we love has entered into the nearer presence of our Lord, we sorrow in sympathy with those who mourn. (Book of Common Prayer)

Preparing – at any time: Both clergy and grieving families will tell you how helpful it is to have an “End Of Life Booklet” like this one filled out and updated. Eliminating guesswork can help make the funeral or memorial service become more personal and less fraught with anxious decisions. Pastoral staff can assist you with preparing this booklet; simply call the church office to set up an appointment with a clergy person to prepare. After completing this booklet, make a copy for the church to hold in the records.

At time of death: To arrange for a funeral or memorial service, first contact Stella Lopez or email: stella.lopez(at)stphilipstucson.org in the church office at (520) 299.6421 ext. 30. Here is the St. Philip’s Memorials and Funerals Book

Here is the Parish Electronic Notification Form, which can be sent at the family’s option (usually after a service has been scheduled).

The pastoral staff at St. Philip’s in the Hills encourages members to hold funeral or memorial services in the church rather than at the funeral home. A funeral or memorial service is a worship service that honors a transition and celebrates the relationship between our community of faith and one of our members.

For document outlining the St. Philip’s In The Hills Pastoral Care Ministries in support of “Last Things”, click here. Pastoral Care Ministries for Last Things Workshop 2014.10.26 and Last Things Handout 2014.11.02.