Jewelry Ministry

What is Jewelry Ministry?

Create a community of cooperation and kindness, without judgment or competition; to inspire personal creative growth and individuality; to provide a space to quiet our mind, listen, and trust our spiritual voiceWe teach techniques and design for traditional metalsmithing and Precious Metal Clay, how to merge these two methods of working with metal, and nurture designs that are unique to the maker.

With intention and modeling, a supportive family is formed, giving space to play, building trust, and inspiring the courage to carry our unique voice forward. Creativity is a gift we each hold. Our challenge is to honor and awaken that gift. It is wisdom we allow, not force. When we approach a task with a beginner’s mind, we look for options, and options are windows of opportunity. When learning a new skill, we benefit from a safe place to explore those options, to experiment, and to gain confidence. Limiting words like “just”, “should”, and “mistake” are discouraged.

Ask “What now?” rather than “Why?” “What now?” initiates forward thinking. “Why?” initiates looking back.

Our creative mind is a resource for possibilities. In our daily lives of structure, obligations, and deadlines, creative thinking can refresh our routines, boost self confidence, and increase problem solving skills. Learning to make art is a metaphor for crafting our lives. We begin with play, next we process, and finally we practice; and then, we start all over again.

Why do we have art classes at St. Philips? What better place to connect with your gift of creativity, to learn to create something of beauty, and by doing so, to share a bit of your spirit with the world. What better place to learn to work cooperatively, to honor each person’s individuality, and to build a community of kindness.

Classes are offered in six week sessions, meeting weekly for one 3hr. class/wk. The classes are ongoing throughout the year, with the exception of August and holidays. Reservations are required. Class size is limited to 8 people/session.

For class dates, fees, and information contact Doris King at or dkcreativity(at) or telephone 520-275-1179