Adult Formation

Education, Spiritual Growth, and Retreat Ministry

Take advantage of the many diverse opportunities for spiritual exploration and engagement offered by St. Philip’s In The Hills Adult Formation Ministries through our diverse forums, classes, groups, retreats and pilgrimages.

Our curriculum is designed for people in all phases of spiritual discovery, whether you are a long-term committed Christian or a curious or skeptical person, exploring issues of faith for the first time. We offer Adult Formation forums on Sunday mornings at 10:15 a.m. Large and small classes and series meet at various times of the week, led by clergy, lay leaders, and community members. For information email James, Commissioner for Adult Education.

Explore three areas of Adult Formation at St. Philip’s:

Spiritual Formation – Nurture your spirit.

These classes or series are designed to invite spiritual reflection. Parents will find these classes or series useful in nurturing spiritual ideas with their children and youth.

Theological Formation – Challenge your intellect.

These classes or series discuss foundational faith issues. Parents will find these classes or series beneficial in supporting family discussions around foundational faith questions.

Mission Formation – Engage your life.

These classes or series are built around themes of mission, social justice, and outreach issues. Parents will find these classes or series helpful in engaging family discussion around those themes.